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We're 'JustHelping' for Christmas!


We’re teaming up with JustHelping, a volunteer led UK charity to help raise awareness of the organisation’s charity Christmas tree collection in and around Stockport which will raise money for local hospices and charities.

Not only do we love Stockport, but we LOVE Christmas too, so we wanted to help in the way that we know best, which was by supporting JustHelping digitally!

We decided to lend a helping hand as part of our 10 for 10 campaign, following meeting the Just Helping team at a recent Stockport Business Breakfast Club. Taking part during the second weekend in January after the twelfth night, the collections is a fun event which sees volunteers give up their time to help recycle Christmas trees throughout Stockport. Our digital support will include social media management during the four month campaign, with the addition of blog content and a donation toward a paid social media budget to really help raise awareness of the charity and the great work it is doing for the community.

At the heart of our activity is digital marketing apprentice Jenny, who will be heading up the campaign to ensure it gets maximum exposure: “I’m really looking forward to the next four months working with JustHelping. As well as raising awareness of the charity’s work; we will be able to drive donations for a deserving hospice in our local area while bringing fun filled festive spirit to the charity’s social pages!”

If you want to get involved and offer your Christmas tree, registration begins on the 15th November.