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We’ve Got Something Better Than a Black Friday Discount…


Black Friday is almost here which means thousands of brands across the globe are upping their game whilst lowering their prices and you can be sure your audience is waiting in anticipation.

We may not be offering discounts, but we’re giving you the next best thing: insider knowledge. With this money-making weekend bringing fierce competition, you’ll want to stand out among competitors so ask yourself these questions…

Who am I trying to appeal to?

Are you taking this opportunity to reward your loyal customers or are you trying to attract new ones? Both will require a very different strategy to entice them and you will need to be clear on who you market to on the day; which leads us onto our next question….

To discount or not to discount?

Yes, the majority of brands will be offering some form of discount but that doesn’t mean you have to. It’s an age old question whether it’s a good strategy to offer discounted products, but this is something you should decide in your initial marketing strategy and stick to. If you have never offered a discount before, then Black Friday is not the time to jump on the bandwagon and potentially devalue your proposition. Apple for example have never offered a discount yet they still have a firm customer base that expects nothing less.

How can I get involved?

There are different ways to appeal to your customers and still get involved in the Black Friday trend without a discount. Why not try offering exclusive access to something before everyone else or promoting a limited edition collection to create an urgency to purchase during the busiest shopping weekend of the year?

How will I build anticipation?

Black Friday is a globally anticipated day with people putting off their Christmas gift-buying in order to wait for the best Black Friday deals. Email is a great way to get your consumers excited, but why not target your customers where they’re currently spending most of their time, Social Media? Teaser campaigns work really well as they build curiosity and anticipation of what is going to be on offer. A great example of a brand that has built anticipation with their audience this year is CurrentBody.com who launched an early access sign-up on Facebook meaning their audience are actively waiting for their discounts to be announced and sent straight to their inboxes.

How can I make the most of what we’ve got?

Make the most of your data. Now is the time to tap into an audience that are already invested in to what you have to offer. Utilise your Facebook Pixel to optimise your ads, allowing you to build targeted audiences and remarket to qualified leads—people who have already taken some kind of action on your website. A great way to tip customers into purchasing over this weekend will be to serve discounts to people who have previously visited your site or browsed a particular product and not purchased within the last 30 days, by hitting them with a discount to entice them back to your site.

Investing in a digital agency is something we highly recommend if you’re looking to up your social media game so look no further, because that’s exactly what we are here for. Get in touch today and see what our digital team can do for you.