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Why You Need a PPC Agency


At some point in our careers, every PPC’er has probably heard this comment at least once: “I am taking the campaigns in-house to do them myself”. This breaks our heart…


Because we KNOW that the campaigns will get lost and start to go downhill, making them less profitable; and there’s nothing sadder than a poor performing campaign which we know has amazing potential.

Running PPC accounts is a full-time job – that is why agencies exist! If it was really easy, the industry would not be as strong as it is and Google would not be making 116 billion dollars a year in revenue from Ads (source).

You would never dream of saying to a surgeon: “No thanks, Doc. I am going to perform this surgery myself as I think I would do it better”. Now this may seem like an extreme example, but the principal is the same. We know PPC inside out, so why would you want to jeopardise your business by taking it in-house to manage yourself?

PPC is complicated, time consuming and can be very expensive, so you need to make sure that your money is being spent efficiently. Campaigns need continuous working on, because if you leave them your Quality Score can go down. This in turn means your cost-per-click goes up and your return diminishes. You need to know your Impression Shares from your bidding strategies, and your Smart Shopping campaigns from your Responsive Search Ads.

A survey carried out by Wordstream found that over 50% of marketers surveyed only actually logged into their accounts twice a month (or less); whereas we are in your campaigns multiple times, every single day.

source: Wordstream

Automation is a huge part of Google Ads development at the moment, but this doesn’t take away the need for an agency. Automation may sound fancy and like everything will be done for you but in reality, automation can refer to a bidding strategy; but, you need the experts to build and create your strategy, and there are still hundreds of other items that need focus and attention, and you still have to strategically build those campaigns before you can apply any sort of bidding.

Automation also refers to audience lists and machine learning, but do you know where to find those audiences, how to build lists and apply them strategically? That’s where we come in.

Those ads won’t write themselves! Well, they will to an extent, if you’re using Responsive Search Ads, but you knew about those already, didn’t you? (*wink*)

The industry is so reactive, and you need an experienced PPC agency to take care of things for you, so you can continue to focus on what you do best – running your business.

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