Brand Identity

What makes up your company's DNA? The Platform81 lab will mix, test and blend a combination of elements to create a strong & recognisable identity for your brand.

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Graphic Design

We're an imaginative bunch and love nothing more than injecting a little bit of visual magic into every project we take on…

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Website Design

Web design remains the most natural element at Platform81. As the industry evolves we are constantly testing out fresh new ideas and solutions…

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Online Marketing

Put your business in front of a worldwide audience, and send your message rocketing into the digital cosmos.

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  • 20 May

    Frequently Used Terms in SEO & What They Mean

    - There are a lot of words and phrases in the SEO world. Some you will have heard before, some you won’t. To make things clearer we have created a list of the most commonly used terms in SEO and what they mean… 301 Redirect: Used to move a whole website or certain pages to a […]
  • 12 May

    Wave Goodbye To Mr Shake-Hands Man

    - We’ve all seen it and, in truth we’ve all been guilty of it too; the use of the old shaking hands stock image. Just like the original Banzai TV character, you’re holding onto this stock image for far too long. But it’s not so bad? It conveys authority, friendliness and professionalism right? Wrong! It says […]

How cute is Pancake the Duck! Follow her adventures using @PancakeDuck youtube.com/watch?v=_3CzjR…

About 2 days ago from Platform81's Twitter via Twitter Web Client