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3 Ways Marketing is Just Like Jumping Out of a Plane


Believe it or not, jumping out of a plane at 15,000 feet can teach you a lot about yourself and is not too far away from what we tackle every day when creating content marketing strategies. The preparation, build up and sudden launch are all features of digital strategies that we work with every day at Platform81. Don’t believe me? Take a look below.

Preparation: Create A Strategy        

Preparation was the most crucial part in the run-up to us taking the leap of faith which, without a proper debriefing, would have left us open to errors and unable to tackle any obstacles with confidence. Even when we were ascending into the skies, further checks were carried out by our instructors which is another important factor in ensuring the process ran as smoothly as possible.

Behind every great marketing campaign, there’s a well-thought strategy. Ensuring you have a strong plan before you execute it will increase your chances of success and help to overcome hurdles – this could be reaching the correct audience with your message, maintaining consistency or establishing a strong brand identity. In short, make sure you develop a strong strategy as it could be the parachute to save you from a marketing disaster!

Jump: The Launch 

Soaring through the skies at 130mph you have finally made the jump and gone past the point of maximum fear and anxiety; all that’s left is pure adrenaline as you fly thousands of feet above ground!

It’s at this point groundwork that went in to your launch should naturally piece together – enjoy the ride and try to take it all in. Have fun, promoting your brand’s personality should be creative and not forced – test the waters with ideas via social media, influencer outreach or content to support your message. But remember, content needs a lifecycle – ask yourself whether you want it to serve a long or short-term purpose to ensure you get the most out of it.

Landing: Review What Worked

One of the most important processes of skydiving (apart from the chute opening!) is the landing – legs up, hands underneath, smooth connection with earth.

After the launch of your content marketing campaign, there has to be a point where it’s slowly descending back to earth after reaching its peak. But this doesn’t mean that it has to stop there, try repurposing your content once it has touched the floor as it could be used for future campaigns or for entirely new ideas!

Lastly, take a step back and find out what worked well for your campaign, it’s important to celebrate and learn from both failures and successes of your marketing strategies.

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