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5 Things Content Marketers Can Learn from Love Island


Yes, that’s correct. There is lessons to be learnt from watching 20 sun kissed models frolic in bikinis all day and argue over who kissed who.

It might not be for everybody, but there is no denying the phenomenon of Love Island collates a MASSIVE following year-on-year, with 3.6 million people tuning in to watch this years final, (ITV2’s biggest viewing figure of all time.) The figures from eight weeks in Mallorca are impressive but beyond the tans and re-couplings are five key lessons for any Content Marketer. Trust me on this one.

Cut through the noise

It’s something even the best of us are beginning to shout when our phone buzzes and it’s a phrase that silences any other voices. If the grammatically incorrect phrase is to teach you anything, it’s that you need to write content that makes your audience stop in their tracks and take notice. It’s this ‘thumbstopping’ content that will stop serial social-scrollers in their tracks and make them engage.

Stay consistent 

In just one of this years episodes the word ‘like’ was said a whopping 219 times.


But credit where credit’s due; the Islanders are consistent. You need to be too. Ensure the language you use to address your audience is consistent, helping you get your point across; try not to switch between 1st, 2nd & 3rd person. This will only make your reader confused and show a lack of consistency in your message. However, in saying this nobody wants to read the same word 219 times. Keep the fluffy words out and your content will be more precise, to the point and enjoyable to read.

Generate ideas both alone and with a group

Every single move by an islander is discussed alone in the diary room, and as a collective around the firepit. Take the famous Jack and Georgia kiss that created the ‘loyalty’ saga as an example. Georgia believed he went in for the kiss, Jack swore the opposite. It was a long-running debate amongst the villa (and audience too), but one thing we can all agree on is how important the ideation process is. To create effective content you should gather your material, digest it and unconsciously process it until you achieve that ‘eureka moment’. In islander context we saw Laura (Jack’s partner) complete this process until she discovered it was actually Georgia who kissed Jack. EUREKA!

Be Loyal 

Loyalty. A word mentioned 35 times in one episode by the Queen of loyalty herself, Georgia. However, loyalty plays a massive factor with content marketing. Whilst always striving to reach out and build new audiences or potential customers, you need to be loyal to your primary audience, the one’s that have been there since the start. Your super fans. Remain loyal in delivering content that your current audience base enjoy and engage. Continue to give your followers what they want, whilst creating new content that could tempt or engage new followers. Use Love Islands social as a prime example, they’ve drawn in the same following every year with their witty and engaging content yet still manage to exceed themselves with engagement through Twitter alone delivering six-times the previous number of likes on the previous series.

And finally,

Reputation is everything

Take it from Megan, it can be hard to shake off a bad reputation. After stealing Wes then jumping ship to Alex in the shock Casa Amore re-coupling she found it hard to get rid of her island reputation as a ‘snake’. In terms of brand partnerships, ensure you use sites you trust and that truly represent your brand message. This year Love Island was sponsored by Superdrug and Missguided. These brands supplied both the make-up and clothing for the girls in the villa. Call to action was important here as it allowed the viewers to purchase these products themselves after seeing them on TV. Choosing a reputable brand partner provides your content with a strong and increased following that you may not have achieved on your own and therefore – success!

There is no denying that Love Island is an unstoppable success. Pop onto Twitter for five minutes and you’ll know everything about every Islander. Want your content to have the same lasting effect on your reader? Don’t be muggy, follow my tips above and you’ll gain just that, ‘hun’.