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About Last Night; The Great Social Media Blackout of 2021.


‘Hello literally everyone’ will go down as one of the greatest flexes in internet history.

As I’m sure we’re all aware, The Facebook family of apps (WhatsApp, Instagram, and the mighty Facebook itself) went silent for most of yesterday (4th October 2021) and suddenly the world found itself scrambling to recover its dormant Twitter accounts, to the point where even Twitter posted that its servers were struggling with the volume of traffic.

While we’re still in the meme phase of this global event, (to which I implore you to seek some of them out as even FB /IG were getting in on the action in the most truly meta marketing imaginable) the amount of marketing spend written off (more than likely differed) is expected to be in the billions.

While it’s very easy at this point to wax lyrical about the fragility and relevant infancy of these (by the global response) ubiquitous platforms and the real-world knock-on effects it has on businesses (Facebook’s own stock almost instantly dropped 20 points in the wake of the blackout), with things returning to normal within a few hours (an ice age for some) it’s safe to chalk this up to a blip.

Business as usual, folks.