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BNI Pyramid celebrates 10-Year Anniversary


At Platform81, we love getting new accounts by recommendation and referral. Since, we started our business, much of our work has come from building relationships with local businesses in the South Manchester Area. Account Directors Alec Middleton and Nick Wroe have been particularly active over the last 5 years in local BNI groups Pyramid and Zenith.

BNI Pyramid has recently celebrated its 10-year anniversary since it’s launch back in 2003. With members from nearly 50 businesses across Stockport, it’s easy to see why BNI Pyramid is the best BNI Networking group in the country. At the 10th Anniversary Dinner at the Hallmark Hotel in Handforth, the room was bubbling with enthusiasm, energy and jägerbombs, as local businesses throughout the area came together to celebrate the success of the group in the past 10 years.

Platform81 are proud to be part of BNI Pyramid and BNI Zenith groups in Stockport and as we keep giving to groups and investing time, we’ve found that we keep getting more work from them. Keep up the good work BNI in Stockport!