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Don’t Invest in SEO Unless You’re in it for the Long Haul


We’ve all said it and we all want to be there, but page one rankings on Google is where any reputable business aspires to appear. It also tends to be where your customers want to visit too.

How do you get there? Organic search engine optimisation otherwise known as SEO. This is the process of improving your position in the non-paid search listings with the end result being a higher position, increased visibility, and a far better chance of a conversion or sale.

However, if a quick fix is what you’re after, SEO isn’t the answer to your prayers. Unlike Social Media and PPC that can dramatically improve your online presence in a short space of of time, SEO takes longer to see results but when it does, it truly is worth it.

If you’re looking to dominate your online space SEO should be the first method to be tackled because, although the growth is slow, once you have reached the ideal positions in the search result pages, the returns on investment will keep growing without any extra investment.

Why do you need to be patient with SEO?

Most searches made for goods and services will first take place in a search engine. Whilst yes, there are typically ads displayed before the organic listing, you’re missing an opportunity if you only focus on these ads and not your organic listing. There is a higher chance to acquire a customer when your business appears twice in a search result page (ad + organic, sometimes even map listing as well) than once.

Google thoroughly checks every website in-depth before attributing rankings, which is why results generated from SEO can take time. Each site is analysed, scrutinised and compared to other sites. Google is constantly gathering data about companies and on a such gigantic scale that is the internet, this can take quite some time.

SEO is the channel with the slowest growth at first, that’s a fact, but once you are where you need to be, it’s a steady result granted all three key SEO points are taking care of.

What is SEO?

SEO is essentially the on-going activity of improving any aspects of your websites that may result in a better positioning in the search engines result pages. Search engines have guidelines that outline what website owners should do in order to satisfy their automated algorithm and hence, perform better when people search for particular keywords of the business name in general. It is meant to help the search engines serve the best results possible for users, and help your website perform to the best ability.

There are a few different types of activities when it comes to SEO…


Technical SEO is the work that happens in the backend of the website. Any technical issues that may cause problems for the Googlebot when visiting the site are investigated and fixed. Googlebot is an automated program sent by Google to a website a few times per month or week. The technical work that we do ensures that Googlebot and the visitors to site, do not encounter any errors during their visit, and that all critical information is easily accessible

On-Page SEO

Oppositely to technical SEO, on-page SEO takes place in the front end of a website, focusing on things like content and headings on pages that can be seen, optimising all this information in order to better answer a search query that someone might perform in a search engine.

Off-Site SEO

The third method of SEO takes place off-site. A company’s reputation, authority and trustworthiness are managed through its online mentions, keeping them accurate. Ongoing recommendations are provided to our clients on how they can improve their reputation within the community (clients feedback, charity events, providing a quote to a journalist, etc). In real life, the more a company is talked about positively, the more potential clients may trust that they will receive a good service and the same applies to search engines. The more a company is talked about positively on other sites, the more Google may trust that the company would provide the best solution to potential clients.

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