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Frequently Used Terms in SEO & What They Mean


There are a lot of words and phrases in the SEO world. Some you will have heard before, some you won’t. To make things clearer we have created a list of the most commonly used terms in SEO and what they mean…

  • 301 Redirect: Used to move a whole website or certain pages to a new location whilst maintaining traffic and current visibility.
  • Analytics: With Google Analytics being the most commonly used analytics tool, analytics tracks the number of visitors browsing a website at any given time, how they arrived at the site and their activity whilst browsing.
  • Backlink: Describes a hyperlink from an external website which links back to your website. Used as part of a link building strategy, backlinks should be relevant and hold quality.
  • CMS: A Content Management System makes adding content & editing content on a website simpler. At Platform81 our preferred Content Management System is WordPress.
  • Conversions: Examples of conversions are purchases made on a website, documents downloaded and contact forms completed.
  • H1 Tags: Used as the headline for pages on a website, H1 tags communicate the content of a page to search engines and also inform visitors to the website that they are on the appropriate page.
  • Link Building: A form of SEO strategy where acquiring backlinks to help boost search engine rankings. Links are acquired on a website by following a range of SEO related metrics and relevance.
  • Meta Descriptions: Search engines use meta descriptions in their listing descriptions in search results. Meta descriptions also tell search engines what the content of the website and each page is about.
  • SERP: An acronym for Search Engine Results Page, these are the pages which you see when you perform a search on a search engine. SERP position indicates at what position your website currently ranks for given keywords.
  • Session: A visit or ‘session’ begins when a user enters the website and ends at the default time limit or when the visitor leaves the website. A session includes interactions made by the user during this time.
  • Title Tags: Component search engines pay close attention when determining the search engine ranking and content on your website. Title tags can be found at the top of web browser tabs and in listings within search engines.

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