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Generating More Leads in 2015


January and February are always busy months at Platform81. We get lots of prospective and existing clients contacting us to talk about what they want to achieve in the next 12 months. It’s a time for enthusiasm and optimism about what the year might bring, but quite often, poor planning will bring a swift halt to good intentions.

A good starting point is to think about what you are trying to achieve. In a broad sense, most of our clients want to achieve more sales but aren’t quite sure how they’re going to do this. Do they want new customers or do they need to leverage more from their existing customer base? Do they need to charge more or increase the number of transactions that they are making? Or do they need to simply make more effort to convert more prospects to new customers?

Whatever the approach, you and your sales team can’t do it all…. no matter how good you are at selling. Quality marketing materials will help you sell with confidence, consistency and professionalism.

If you’re trying to generate more leads in 2015, here are our top tips;

  • Make sure your website differentiates you, looks great, sells your services and can be viewed on mobile devices
  • Optimize your website so it can be found easily in search engines for the keywords that your audience uses to find you and your services
  • Regularly email your database with a professional mailshot that drives traffic to your website
  • Engage with your audience via Social Media such as Twitter and LinkedIn and build an audience
  • Advertise in the right places (online and offline) with interesting and engaging adverts
  • Mailshot a targeted client list with great printed and promo items
  • Produce printed literature such as brochures and marketing packs for face-to-face meetings
  • Exhibit at trade shows with a brand focused stand and the ability to capture data of your potential customers
  • Create good quality content to flow through all of your marketing materials – whether this is with words, pictures, video or graphics, they should be consistent with the tone of your brand

Finally, don’t bite off more than you can chew. Setting a budget and using a marketing agency means that you get a professional and consistent lead generation service. It also means that you can spend time closing business and working towards your objectives. Employing an agency can often cost less than the salary of employing a junior marketing person in your business and you’re getting the combined experience of the full team.

Contact alec@platform81.com to find out more about planning your campaign for 2015 and make sure your good intentions don’t grind to a halt as you start getting busier.