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When it comes to innovative brands which stand out in the digital space, one word comes to mind: Specsavers.

Founded in 1983 by Doug and Mary Perkins in their spare room, Specsavers has grown to become a household name, known for its trusted eye and ear care services and considered the leading provider of glasses and contact lenses in Europe and across the world. However, their expertise is not the only thing that sets them apart. Their social media campaigns keep breaking records and their innovation, funny wit and creativity never fails to amaze us.

 As Specsavers continues to evolve, it’s admirable to see a brand that so fearlessly creates content aligned with their purpose and core values. They have a consistent tone of voice and appeal to relatability as the driving force in their advertising campaigns.

The famous ‘Should’ve gone to Specsavers’ campaign

‘Should’ve Gone to Specsavers’ is the social media campaign that has garnered the most attention and interaction from the wider public. 20 years since it first appeared, the £4m campaign has made a comeback as the brand has leveraged it on social media, reaching and a wider audience than ever before.

 Created by Specsavers’ in-house creative agency, The Agency, the famous strapline has left a long-lasting impact on the audience as it effectively communicates the brand’s mission, namely to change people’s lives through better hearing and sight.

In addition, their omnichannel approach has propelled the advertising campaign to new heights. The campaign has encompassed multiple mediums, including television, cinema, digital, print, radio, social media and out of home advertising (OOH) that have blended in seamlessly to deliver the message.

What’s the story behind the campaign?

The short-form video tells the story of a delivery man that is carrying a heavy piece of furniture as he climbs the stairs in a block of apartments. Once he arrives in front of the door, he is informed that he is, in fact, in the wrong block. The piece of content was designed in a clever way to highlight the brand’s strapline – You Should’ve Gone to Specsavers.

Using a relatable and humorous situation, Specsavers has successfully appealed to a wide market and has encouraged audience interaction, with the public sharing their favourite ‘Should’ve’ moments on Twitter.

To complement the 30-seconds TV spot, Specsavers has strategically placed OOH billboards with ads printed upside down across the UK. Inevitably sparking conversations in the online space and enhancing their social media presence.

OOH Billboard

From TV ads to Youtube Shorts

Furthermore, they have leveraged and repurposed the content from the TV ad into a series of YouTube Shorts. These shorts feature the same main character in various comical situations. Ultimately, reflecting the brand’s creative flair, storytelling ability and funny wit. In contrast, the situations reflected in the videos also give people a reminder to check their eyesight and prevent sight loss.

If this was not impressive enough, Specsavers decided to appeal to a new market. The Gen Z audience has partnered up with Anzu to construct an immersive gaming environment for the users to embrace new technology.

Giving an insight into the thought process behind the campaign, Richard James, Creative Director at The Agency said:

‘’Should’ve’s real strength isn’t in the joke. It’s in the friendly nudge it gives people towards better sight and hearing, while putting a smile on their faces. Using a location populated by diverse characters, and playing with the line to land new messages, we have successfully evolved it into a more holistic creative platform. Reflecting different parts of the business across many different media to give it a new lease of life.’’

Why do we love Specsavers?

Specsavers has grown to become one of the most recognisable brands with a unique storytelling technique. They have the ability to appeal to people and evoke strong emotions. Four decades later, Specsavers are still breaking barriers and reaching new audiences through innovative ways. Including leveraging the power of social media and immersive technology to adapt to the ever-changing landscape we live in.

Firstly we can learn from their campaigns to be fearless in telling stories that matter. Secondly, to never be afraid of change. Their ability to reach people beyond the digital space and stir powerful conversations is worth talking about.

We can’t wait to see what Specsavers will deliver next and we know it won’t disappoint.

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