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In the Loop - Spotify - #Spotify Wrapped


Spotify’s Wrapped campaign returned once again in 2021 and it was bigger and more interactive than ever. Spotify Wrapped is by far their biggest campaign, the campaign first began back in 2015 and was known as “Year in Music”. Since then, it has only grown in popularity and now spreads like wildfire yearly on social media.

All about Spotify Wrapped

The annual campaign gives users a personalised flashback at their top streamed songs, podcasts and artists for the year. But last year was better than ever after Spotify introduced some new features.

The theme of the 2021 campaign was “Totally Normal”, a nod to the nothing but normal year we experienced during the ongoing pandemic. The new features included in Spotify Wrapped 2021 were:

  • 2021: The Movie: In its Stories section, Spotify created cinematic snapshots of users’ listening habits by pairing their most-listened-to songs with mock opening credits, “fight scenes” and dance theme songs. 
  • Audio Aura: Also in Stories, users can visualize the colours of their aura based on the top two music moods of the year. 
  • Playing Cards (Two Truths and Lie): Spotify users can play an interactive game in which they are presented with three data points and must guess which one is a lie. They can post their results on social media.
  • Wrapped 2021: Blend: Listeners can compare their 2021 music taste with friends and co-stream their blended playlist, which they can share on social.
  • Artist Videos: Fans will receive surprise Thank You videos from more than 170 artists and creators that appear in their Wrapped playlists thanking them for listening in the past year. 
  • Best New Podcasts: 2021 Wrapped included curated playlists for the best new and most listened to podcasts on the platform. 

In 2021, public interest in Spotify Wrapped more than doubled compared to 2020, which was otherwise a record year. One post speaking about Spotify Wrapped alone earnt 419k engagements. The campaign encouraged people from all over the world to share their results with other Spotify users online.

Campaign results and success rate

Spotify Wrapped in 2020 was talked about 1.4k times online and acquired over 85k engagements. This year saw a captivating increase — a similar number of articles circulated, but over 179k engagements to those articles in the opening two days. Spotify Wrapped 2021 generated more than 90 million users engaged in their campaign. Spotify also announced they passed €1 billion in advertising revenue on Twitter. Now that’s one hell of a successful campaign.

Spotify’s 2021 Wrapped campaign really assessed ongoing developments. They used the most talked about social media trends to really capture their audience’s attention with their campaign.

TikTok boomed throughout the pandemic with video after video going viral and taking the world by storm. Spotify utilised this for their 2021 Wrapped release. They used phrases like “if 2021 was a movie, you were the main character” and “you always understood the assignment”. This made their new features stand out online. They were able to gain off of already successful trends whilst making them their own.

It goes without saying Spotify Wrapped will most definitely be returning for 2022. With campaign results like that you’d be crazy not to bring it back year after year. We look forward to seeing everyone’s results and discussions on social media, and can’t wait to see if Spotify release any new features this year.

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