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It's Always Deadline Day at a Digital Agency


The countdown is on as the Premier League returns in just a matter of days. But, before the drama and the action kicks off, the importance lies within transfer deadline day.

This year’s transfer window closes earlier than ever before. For the first time, the deadline has been set before the start of the Prem season on August 9th, with all deals planned to be set by 5pm. Overseas, clubs can continue transferring up until August 31st so, with all this in mind, just how important are deadlines?

Be on the Ball.

Deadlines impact your time massively. Being highly organised upon the approach of the deadline allows you to prioritise tasks and ensures everybody involved knows their part in the process. Whether the deadline has been set by the customer or yourself, it means that everybody is on the same page and working towards a common goal.

Confidence is Boosted.

With the end of every deadline comes something new to take on board for the next. Despite all the stress, a deadline can actually offer opportunities for self-improvement. A half-time meeting encourages everybody to smash the second half. Meeting your deadlines boosts your confidence and enables you to advance even further each time.

Deadlines Keep News New.

With everchanging trends, it’s important to stick to your deadline. Old content doesn’t sell; it is in the past. Think of it in football terms: old players won’t sell, the new talent is the important news. Deadlines drive traffic and help sales because the content will be current and relevant when it is posted. If deadlines are missed, your content is not going to stand out and will be lost within the new trends.

They Keep Everybody Happy!

Delivering to your client’s expectations is essential. Failure to meet your deadlines creates a bad business reputation. Just like the footie fans of today are expecting good news, the players themselves are expecting a good offer. Nobody wants a negative experience within the process, client side or company side.

Okay, so maybe in the digital world deadlines are slightly different to the potential £75million transfer of Maguire or Kepa’s move to Stamford Bridge. Yet, with Mourinho beginning to crumble as 5pm approaches, it’s easy to see that deadlines are make or break.

Here at Platform81, every day is deadline day. Because of this, our Design and Digital teams are always on the ball and ready to strike. Contact us here for more.