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Meet our Bromsgrove Boys!


Here at Platform81, we’re not only all about the people, but we’re a proper local agency too. We built our business working with local companies throughout Stockport and Bromsgrove and while we often share the spotlight on our northern roots, we thought it’s time to beam the beacon on our Bromsgrove Boys.

Based down in The Midlands, our Bromsgrove HQ is home to our Technical Director Gary, Senior Designer Ryan and Junior Graphic Designer Dan: the three musketeers. Or, as we like to call them, our very own Peaky Blinders.


Gary has always been the main man in The Midlands since he joined Nick as Technical Director of Platform81 12 years ago. Working closely with our Web Team, Gary oversees every technical detail behind the scenes, whether it be the launch of a site to the server it’s on.

 Although Gary refers to himself as the ‘tea boy’, this is all just talk as secret intel tells us that the brew rounds are actually equally split amongst the three. In fact, said intel also places Gary’s brews at the bottom of the ranking order when contending for best brew maker in the office, due to the lack of brewing time he dedicates during his round.

Always room for improvement hey Gaz…


Other than our Directors, Senior Designer Ryan is the longest serving member of Platform81 and has worked at our Bromsgrove HQ alongside Gary for seven years now! Design has always been in Ryan’s blood, with his favourite thing to design being logos, as he enjoys the challenge of trying to come up with something clever and original from scratch. Ryan is also experienced in web design, helping our client’s websites look fresh and up to date before our team of Web Developers then work closely with him to bring it to life.

The Bromsgrove office is close to Ryan’s house, meaning he can pop back home for lunch easily and quickly, something he says is his one of his favourite things about the location.

“It’s a really laidback office, definitely in comparison to how busy the Stockport office can get! As designers, we love a chilled environment and our office allows us to get a lot of work done with barely any distractions.”

The location of the office is also a hit with our team thanks to how local to the centre it is. Whilst our Stockport office may be home to the beloved pool table, the variety of lunch options near our Bromsgrove office triumphs this completely, apparently…


Oppositely to Ryan, Dan the man, our Junior Graphic Designer, starts his morning much earlier as he drives to the office from his hometown of Hereford. Dan joined us in February 2020 where his passion for good design was showcased as he works closely with Ryan to design graphics for both us, and our clients.

Despite joining us just weeks before the pandemic began, meaning he got just a mere few week’s taste of what it’s like to work in our Bromsgrove office before having to work remotely, it didn’t take Dan long to find his place as the office’s resident DJ. Quickly (and bravely) Dan replaced Ryan and Gary’s long-standing ‘Massive Dance Hits’ playlist with Radio 1 or Radio 6 instead, which he describes as ‘the typical radio station for designers’. On Friday’s, the boys  Dan likes to switch it up with a bit of house music for some of that #FridayFeeling.

Fancy having a brew (not made by Gary!) and a chat with our Bromsgrove boys about how they could help you design-wise? Get in touch with us today.