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Friday July 21st

Meet The Team – Hayley

by platform81   |   July 21, 2023   | 
2 minutes read

As our clients grow, so does our accounts team! We’re excited to welcome Hayley to P81. Hayley is joining the team as our new Account Manager! Find out more about Hayley below:

Name: Haley Mayer
Nickname: Hay
Loves: Gin, Food and Sun
Hates: Spiders and Rain

1. Describe yourself in 3 words… – Organised, Calm and Friendly.

2. Quickly sum up a day in the life of a Digital Account Manager – It always starts with a cup of tea and catching up on e-mails, and then the day starts properly! The role of an account manager is to make sure the clients are happy, so I spend my day catching up with them, actioning any new briefs, making sure the team are happy and knows what they’re doing, and solving any problems that come up.

3. What would you be doing if you weren’t working at Platform81? – Event or wedding planning. With my love of organisation, my friends constantly tell me I’d be great at it and ask me for advice. Maybe in another life, I would end up doing this!

4. Describe your dream holiday? – Lots of sun, sea and sand – and definitely no kids!

5. Favourite Food? – Curry and tacos I like spicy food! My love of tacos is also fuelled by a love of Margaritas.

6. If you had to be on one reality tv show, what would it be and why? – Strictly! I love all the glitz and glamour, although, with my two left feet, I would need someone very patient to teach me to dance.

7. What’s the most ridiculous thing you’ve ever spent money on? – Rubbers! When I was a kid I had a pretty cool rubber collection, and I still have the best ones stored away somewhere in an old Quality Streets jar.

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