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National Cat Day: Moggie Mad


We’ve had the dogs, and now it’s time for their feline enemies to take to the stage…or the Platform81 blog.

Now despite not being the biggest cat fan myself, I can’t ignore the fact that cats are massive on the internet. In fact, none of us can ignore it, as every third video on our Facebook feeds appears to be a video of cat, that has somehow found itself in a tricky situation. But what is it about the moggies that makes us social media users continue to share them?

They’re expressionless

This may sound like a negative, but it really isn’t. Cats are known for being inexpressive and it is one of their winning traits for their social media audience. We can interpret their actions and feelings in any way we want because of it, and so we easily relate to them. Take Grumpy Cat for example. Everybody has seen or heard of Grumpy Cat at least once in their lifetime and everybody loves her because she is exactly that; a grumpy cat. With a full merchandise range, a line of coffee drinks, a book, a movie and not forgetting her 2.4 million Instagram followers, it’s safe to say that people love this moody moggie.


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They’re small but mighty

Unlike the many breeds of dogs, cats are on the smaller end of the size spectrum. But what they lack in height, they definitely make up for in cuteness. Check out Lil Bub; a cat with dwarfism. She has big eyes and a little pink tongue that is constantly stuck out and has quickly become the nation’s favourite cutie. Despite being the runt of the litter, Lil Bub has certainly bounced back and currently has 1.9 million Instagram followers.


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BUB is always partying. #lilbub #andrewwk

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They’re great online influencers

Yes, that’s right. When it comes to advertising, cats certainly get the best results. In 2017, the estimated annual earnings from YouTube Ads for Grumpy Cat was £4000 and for Lil Bub, it was a whopping £8500. It’s no wonder people are turning their feline friends into big celebrities when positioning a single product next to a cat, can gain so much attention.

Here at Platform81 we only own two cats between us…we seem to be fans of their woofing enemies more. But, we still think these two are the biggest celebrities of the cat world.

Founder Alec has brilliant Brian, who enjoys munching on left over pizza crusts after a night out.

And Web Developer Chris has the lovely Leila – a queen mouse catcher who captured eight mice just last week.

Now, we aren’t saying that to succeed on social media you need a cat (although, it does help), but if you are looking to improve your online presence; our digital team are here to help. Get in touch today.