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Netflix and Ads: Why Can't We Chill?


Picture this, you’re relaxing on the sofa, junk food in hand and more than ready to indulge in an 8-hour Friends Marathon on Netflix.  It’s a sight we’re all too familiar with on a Sunday. However it’s a marathon for a reason, it’s non-stop watching without any ads and isn’t that why we all love Netflix?

Wait, what’s happening!?

Recently, Netflix made the brave decision to roll out targeted commercials to consumers which the company is passing off as a ‘testing phase’. Met with cynicism across social media, users have already taken to Twitter threatening to cancel their subscription. In fact, a survey last year revealed that 79% of Netflix subscribers would actually prefer to pay more than deal with advertising.


It isn’t the first time the online streaming giant has tried to promote its content after it introduced auto-playing previews of its original content in recent years.

Other video streaming giants like Amazon Prime and Sky have also taken advantage of serving ads to its customers with mixed reviews.

Why is Netflix disrupting my binge-watching?

Netflix claims that they are, “testing whether surfacing recommendations between episodes help members discover stories they enjoy faster.” Boasting over 700 Original Series, Netflix is targeting users based on what they watch as a ‘recommendation’ rather than a hard sell. Similar to paid social media marketing, ads will be served to consumers who are likely to engage and identify with the product or service that is placed in front of them. But do we want this in the middle of boxset binge?

What’s the good news?

Due to this only being in its early stages, Netflix isn’t constantly bombarding its viewers with adverts and will only feature content from Netflix Original Series, which includes popular shows like House of Cards and Stranger Things. OK, so we might be on board if we get to see more of original content.

If you’re still not convinced, sources online are claiming that there are ways to opt out of receiving ads if you want to carry on your Peaky Blinders fest uninterrupted.