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Pitfalls of Cheap Web Hosting


In todays economic decline, we are all susceptible to the allure of anything labeled as ‘free’.

When starting up a new website its not surprising that many businesses get pulled in by the offer of ‘free’ web hosting packages.

However it is often the case that where you are saving pennies on web hosting, you will be losing pounds from business leads through your website.

Cheap web hosting is usually used by start up companies with simple requirements, but packages are often limited and inefficient.

Here are a few risks that might make you think twice about getting pulled in by cheap web hosting.

  • Adverts on site – not only will adverts run down the sides, across the top and bottom of your website, but you site will be plagued by the bane of all web users– popups. You may also be prevented from putting your own ads on your site losing extra income.
  • Limited support – With such a low charge, it is impossible for host plans to generate enough revenue to be able to provide you with decent technical support, unlimited emails, bandwidth, or storage space.
  • Unhelpful and unknowledgeable customer services who are often hard to get in contact with.
  • Loading speed – One criteria Google uses to rank websites is loading speed. Its likely your website will be slow and unreliable on a cheap plan.
  • Numerous restrictions – Limited web space and bandwidth mean you may not be able to put videos or images on your site.
  • Lack of control – with paid hosting you get to choose URL, whereas you often don’t with free hosting you often don’t.
  • Increased “down time” – The cost to you in lost sales and customers can be devastating. If your site can’t be accessed, you can’t make any sales. Simple!
  • Unlimited bandwidth or unlimited web space” – simply do not exist; there is no such thing as ‘unlimited’ in these areas. They are very limited resources. These types of offers can result in overloaded servers, which is exactly why you wouldn’t want your website hosted there. You certainly wouldn’t want a site that loads slowly or not be able to respond at all.

Avoid the headaches and grief and stay way from these “too good to be true” web hosts.