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Thursday May 2nd

What is the Google Core Update?

by platform81   |   May 2, 2024   | 
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Google Core Update

In recent years, Google has been rolling out more impactful updates than ever. Previously considered an annual occurrence, impactful updates are now expected every quarter. Keeping up-to-date and on top of these updates is vital for businesses that depend on SEO strategies. The most recent update rolled out is the Google Core Update. This update focuses on authenticity and unique content creation to combat the rise of AI-generated spam content.

What is the 2024 Google Core Update?

Google’s 2024 Core Update is a significant change to its algorithm aimed at improving the quality of results. Google states the core update focuses on refining algorithms to deliver users more accurate and valuable search results. The update will achieve this by analysing websites based on content relevance, user experience, and adherence to Google’s guidelines. Adhering to the guidelines of the update by providing authentic content to users will see higher search rankings. Publishing generic content that is identified as spam now risk a drop in search rankings.

New Spam Policies in the Google Core Update

Despite continuous efforts by Google to combat spam, it remains a persistent issue. The core update introduces new spam policies targeting websites that utilise underhanded tactics to improve their rankings with the risk of penalisation. Websites must adhere to Google’s no-spam policy to maintain or improve search rankings. Google’s no-spam policy aims to ensure that websites provide valuable content to users. Practices such as keyword stuffing, cloaking, or link schemes, risk a penalty from Google’s updated algorithm.

Embracing Authenticity in Content Creation

In the age of AI, authenticity and first-hand experience are becoming more valuable than ever. Users are seeking genuine, authentic content that provides easy-to-understand solutions. Authenticity in content will make it stand out from the crowd and encourage user engagement. Providing unique perspectives and insights sets the content apart from the onslaught of generic AI-generated content and will yield improved results through higher search results and eventual traffic.


The core update has brought significant changes to the SEO landscape. The focus is on improving search quality, combating spam, and highlighting the importance of authenticity and unique content creation. We are yet to see the full impact of the update, but we do not doubt that the impact on SEO will be significant.

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