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Platform81's Picnic Basket Essentials


It’s National Picnic Week and like all awareness days, we can always find a clever little link.

Very soon, we’re all off for a team day off to have a picnic and play some games and whilst we’ve been thinking about what picnic basket essentials we need to pack, it’s also made us think why we need these essentials every day when working in a Digital Agency.

Item one: Plates

If you try to eat your picnic food without the appropriate paper plate or bowl, you’ll struggle. Likewise, if you serve your brand to your customers using an unsuitable social platform, your brands goods or services won’t be consumed as well. Our Digital Marketing team will always ensure your brand is marketed across the appropriate platform to ensure this doesn’t happen.

Item two: A cutting knife

Along with your generic cutlery, you always need to pack a cutting knife on a picnic for those snacks you just can’t quite cut through. Cutting knives have a much sharper edge than other knives and being sharp is something that you need if you’re going to work in an agency. We’re able to cut through the noise to ensure that you’re getting the correct digital service for your brand.

Item three: A Bottle Opener

There’s nothing worse than getting to your picnic and finding that you can’t crack open a bottle because you forget the bottle opener. If you are able to crack open a beer, you’ll soon find that it opens up the conversation across a team which may even result in successful team work and smart ideas. It also helps to have a bottle opener handy for when the great results happen and there’s a reason to celebrate.

Item four: Rubbish bag 

Inevitably, there’s going to be rubbish at your picnic. It’s important to go through this and pull out the rubbish that can be recycled and it’s the same when coming up with ideas in an agency; whether that be in terms of a campaign or a design. There’s nothing wrong with coming up with ‘rubbish’ ideas, what’s important is going through these ideas and picking out the ones that would work successfully to ensure you’re getting the right end result.

Item five: FOOD

The main feature of a picnic is the food, without it everything is wrong and trust us when we say that it’s the same when in the office. Food is essential and if there’s not a supply of biscuits to tuck into when the brew round happens then all hell will break loose.

Just like picnics, working in an agency involves lots of planning, preparation and hard work, but the results are always fantastic. If you think you’re the missing something from our picnic, get in touch with us today by clicking here as we’re looking for new talent.