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The Wolverhampton Wanderers may have secured promotion to the Premier League and lifted the Championship trophy but Platform81 won the challenge when it came to helping them showcase their celebrations!

With their final match against Sunderland out of the way, the only thing left to do earlier this month was for the Wolves to celebrate. As thousands of fans were expected to flock to the city to celebrate the clubs success, we were tasked with the design and build for a website where fans could  follow live updates of the promotion party as it unfolded on 7th May.

What did we do?

A specific hashtag, #Proud2BeWolves, was suggested which would act as the anchor for activity throughout the day. Using the specific hashtag we were able to combine all social media platforms onto one ‘social wall’.

Updating every few minutes, it gave fans in the moment updates about the parade and allowed them to get involved by pulling through their photos and comments from their personal social accounts. Administered by Wolves the page showed posts from the club account plus posts from fans through the day.

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Fan engagement was high with the hashtag trending throughout the day. User generated content (UGC) is an important tool for brands, especially on social media. Photos, videos and comments by fans and followers help promote a business while reaching the right target audience in a more natural and authentic way.