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Strictly Come Dancing: are we really similar to ballroom dancers?


Grab your sequins, spray tans and stilettos because Strictly Come Dancing is soon to be waltzing back onto our screens.

via Gfycat

The line-up of celebrities is in the process of being announced this week and as they eagerly await to learn the ins and outs of Ballroom and Latin dances, I began to wonder if we as a Digital Marketing & Design Agency ever incorporate these dances into our work…


The dancers of a foxtrot have to change the dance and style dependent on the music that’s played. The Designers here at Platform81 are predominantly ‘fox-trotters’ as they are constantly changing their work for the client’s needs and wants.


Known for its ‘rise and fall’, the Waltz is elegant and graceful and perfectly describes how our Digital Marketing & Social Media team work. They glide through the trends online in order to keep their content relevant (in time with the music!), whilst staying on the right path.


Partners must work side by side in the salsa as the dancer’s share their movements. Our Web Developers and Designers must communicate (without all the hip shaking) so that they are on the same page and don’t tred on each other’s toes!


Distinctively, the Rumba has a strong and direct walk that is led by the ball of the foot. It is important that within our office, there is someone to take the lead on projects. That’s where our Project Manager’s role is vital to our work.

Cha Cha Cha

This dance requires partners to work together so their movements are synced and they have perfect parallel alignment. It’s important that all our teams are aligned in the same way so that deadlines are met, and clients are happy.

So, maybe we wear a lot less lycra, aren’t quite as orange and don’t perform the Charleston in front of the rest of the office (not on the daily anyway) but the dances performed on the show all have their own styles which we exemplify.

We aren’t shy of receiving a ‘SEV-EN’ and the odd 10 so if you want help from our award winning teams, whether that be Web Design, Digital or Graphics, we are happy to help. Get in touch here!