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The Battle of the 5 Browsers


The world loves to browse the internet, spending on average 16 hours online per month.

With all this time online are you sure you’re getting the best experience from your favourite websites with your current browser?

In this post we’ll be looking at the current worldwide browser usage and see whether it’s time you made a change.

Google Chrome

There are five major players in the battle for web browser supremacy but there is one which has increasingly dominated the market since it’s introduction in September 2008, Google Chrome. Prior to 2008, Internet Explorer was the browser of choice with a huge 56% usage worldwide – to the dismay of many web developers! Since it’s introduction, Chrome has seen a year on year increase in usage and as of February 2015 it now boasts a massive 62.5% – the highest share of browser usage in the last 8 years.

Mozilla Firefox

The browser equivalent of Mount Doom, Google Chrome dominates the landscape of the world wide web. So, whom you ask is occupying the lands of Gondor? Welcome Mozilla Firefox. With a modest 22.9% browser share, they are the next browser in contention to the throne except for a usage gap the size of the Misty Mountains. Firefox is a firm favourite and an excellent alternative to Chrome.

Internet Explorer

Up next, representing the third position is the once mighty Internet Explorer, with a share of 8% globally. After years of steady decline, possibly fuelled by resentment in the web development community, Microsoft has seen it’s flagship browser die a slow and painful death at the hands of the Balrog that is Google Chrome. It’s not all doom and gloom for Microsoft though, as they work to put the finishing touches to their new browser ‘Spartan’, which is rumoured to be released with Windows 10 later this year. Maybe it will be the adversary to knock Chrome of its high horse…we’ll have to wait and see!


In fourth place we have Apple’s Safari with a steady 3.9% share. Safari has failed to gain any real traction amongst desktop browsers; perhaps due to its limitation of running on Mac OS. Safari is an excellent browser, however if you intend to make the swap the hardware purchase might leave your wallet feeling like it’s just lost the one ring.


Finally we have Opera, the browser equivalent of the Shire. Representing the smallest percentage at 1.5% worldwide. It’s a well-performing, standards-compliant offering, developed by Norway’s telecom company, Telenor. Opera is a noble choice for anyone who loves a good underdog story.

All five players offer great ways to browse the web and each will deliver good performance, but support for modern web standards can vary somewhat. For those looking to stay at the cutting edge I would recommend Google Chrome or Firefox.

Happy browsing!