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Wave Goodbye To Mr Shake-Hands Man


We’ve all seen it and, in truth we’ve all been guilty of it too; the use of the old shaking hands stock image. Just like the original Banzai TV character, you’re holding onto this stock image for far too long.

But it’s not so bad? It conveys authority, friendliness and professionalism right? Wrong! It says that you’re out of touch, safe and maybe even a little dull.

If you’re currently sitting staring at an image of two hands clasped on your own website, fear not, here are my top tips for getting your website imagery just right.

  • Be Relevant – Think about your audience. Do your images represent you as a company or help people identify with you?
  • Be Natural – Does this picture of a woman frolicking in a field or group of businessmen sat around a table look staged? Again, will your website visitors be able to identify or be put off by your imagery?
  • Don’t Be Afraid To Be Different – Being different doesn’t mean going for the silly or the ludicrous but it’s easy to follow the herd and go for the safe option. Putting a little time and thought into selecting or even shooting your own images can make all the difference and help you stand out from the crowd.

So don’t hold onto those old fashioned, irrelevant stock images that everybody else has. There’s a world of relevant, natural, creative imagery out there, go forth and find it…do we have a deal?

do we have a deal?









…and finally

As a final thought here are a selection of the best of the worst stock images.

Should I tell him or should you…?









GCHQ has been warned…









You’d be barking mad not to employ this guy…