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Why Aren't You Using Facebook To Promote Your Business?


Facebook. With over a billion users worldwide, it’s no wonder Facebook has become one of the most powerful social media platforms in the world.

So why aren’t you using it to promote your business?

Why use Facebook?

Facebook allows people from all over the world to engage with your brand. Within minutes, your post could be viewed and shared by thousands of people, resulting in a huge increase in brand awareness.

While Facebook allows you to engage with customers and keep followers up to date on events, promotions and company news, it can also be an incredibly powerful sales tool.

By regularly sharing links back to your products and services, you will see an increase in traffic to your site, and potential growth in sales and enquiries. To expand this even further, Facebook has it’s own advertising platform which allows businesses to promote themselves from as little as £5 a day. At such a low cost and with so much audience data available, Facebook is a great way to efficiently and effectively promote to your target audience.

Being present on Facebook and consistently sharing good quality content can also contribute to a higher search engine ranking.

Who uses Facebook?

There are currently over 50 million small businesses using Facebook for promotion. It’s expected that this figure will continue to increase, as Facebook continues to expand its business services, improving elements such as business pages and Facebook advertising. With so many users, Facebook’s demographic is incredibly broad meaning that there are not many industries who wouldn’t find the platform relevant and useful.

Should you solely depend on Facebook?

Facebook is a great platform to promote your business but by being present more than one social media platform, you can build an even stronger online presence.

Connect with a wider audience and build greater brand awareness by using other platforms such as Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, Instagram and Pinterest.

Over the coming months we will be covering the benefits of all these social networks, so stay tuned!

Maintaining a social network is time consuming, especially if you’re unfamiliar with the business and advertising side of Facebook. Platform81 have social media experts who can manage your account for you, leaving you time to take care of business.

We can manage everything from keeping the account active with quality posts, looking after advertising budgets, and coming up with creative campaigns which will engage your customers.

Give us a call today and see how we can help your company achieve the extraordinary!