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Yahoo! Top Searches 2013 - How Trends Can Help Your Business


Yahoo launched its annual Year in Review page this month, which lists the top search trends of 2013.

No matter what industry you’re in, you want to be the brand or business that everyone is talking about. After all, that’s what will lead to online users searching for you. So how do you get people talking – and, more importantly, searching – about you?

When it comes to content, you should always aim to be fresh, valuable and viral. You want to give your customers the information they’re searching for whilst engaging with them and eventually influencing their decision to buy.


Top search trends for the UK in 2013:

1- Royal Baby

2- iPhone

3- Arsenal FC

4- Kindle

5-Liverpool FC

6- House prices

7- Football Transfers

8- One Direction

9- iPad

10- Manchester United


While it may not be relevant to target your SEO around One Direction, we can help you to look at ways to relate your brand to what consumers want, and simultaneously what they are searching for.

The trends show us what Internet users want to know about. Think about what your consumers are searching for and what kinds of questions their asking. Are there ways you can address them?

Platform 81 can find patterns in the top trends that take place throughout the year and use them to your advantage. We’ll find ways to associate your business with types of things users are searching for.

What do you think of the most popular searches of 2013? How will you use this information to rank better in 2014?