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The Cho

The Cho

Brand Identity Development Website Design

The Cho Logo

The Credit Hire Organisation (CHO) is the trade body that represents the UK Credit Hire industry. It serves the interests of UK Credit Hire companies to drive innovation, collaboration and high standards through the industry.

Born from a merger between the Accident Management Association (AMA) and the National Association of Credit Hire Operators (NACHO), The CHO is an organisation formed by a desire to collaborate. Along with representing members across the industry, The CHO also provides invaluable information, a secure fraud forum, pooled knowledge on best practices and legal developments, and a self-regulated code of conduct.

The Challenge

Corporate Identity

Developing a new logo, colour palette and identity was a reasonably tricky task. We had to ensure that the new identity wasn’t aligned with any of the Credit Hire companies that The CHO represents; in terms of colour, typography and general styling. In addition, through consultation, the logo needed to be professional and corporate and deliver a stamp of authority.

Web Design & UX

The CHO needed a website that was functional but that also presented the information in an engaging way. We identified two user profiles; potential members and existing members. Within the public site, each user type is served up two different sets of dynamic content. In addition, when logged in, members have access to a bespoke modular member dashboard.

The Typography

Howgate Sable Font

The Colours

Cho Pink


Cho Purple


Cho Dark Purple


Web Development

As well as creating a fantastic, sales-focused frontend to the website, we also built an interactive dashboard for Credit Hire companies to log in and engage more with The CHO. Built in was a range of features including directories, document storage and member news. This dashboard has the capability to expand and grow as the offering grows.

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The Results

The launch of the new brand and the new website went really smoothly and was well supported by the Credit Hire companies that the organisation is there for. We’ve seen great engagement on the site, not just from new visitors but with both new and existing members using the dashboard and log-in area to find information. More importantly, The CHO has a platform for sales and growth, that has seen the re-birth of this organisation to galvanise sales efforts through clarity of proposition.

This is the 3rd time I have worked with Platform81 and each time I have been very impressed with the detail and extra mile the team go to. I hope to work with them again in the future

Ian Budsworth