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Meet Our Web Team


We truly believe that team work makes the dream work which is why we’re all about the people. Our award-winning team are the best they can be, through working closely together in the creative environment they’re in.

With our web team being that of a naturally more reserved one, we wanted to introduce you to them properly and put them in the spotlight.


Having completed an Internet Computing degree at Manchester Metropolitan University, Head of Web David knew that moving into the world of working in web was the way forward thanks to emerging technologies at the time.

Having now been with the Platform81 team for almost six years, David has learnt that ambition, self-belief and an approachable personality are three of the most important things to succeed.

“The best thing about my job is the ability I have to do it how I want, knowing the directors have full trust in me to get the job done.”


Our Web Developer Oli actually self-taught himself code having completed some personal web development projects during his teen years. His enjoyment for these projects pushed him to leave college and find his feet in the web dev world and after working as a Junior Web Developer in other agencies, Oliver joined Platform81 in June 2018.

Although he claims coffee is his favourite part of coming to work, it’s actually collaborating and working with the rest of the team on projects. Oli maintains that the chat and banter that flows throughout the office is key to keeping positivity and motivation high throughout the working day. 

“As a Web Developer, you have to love what you do with attention to detail that allows for no corner-cutting, and an ability to adapt to changing methods and evolving technology.”


Having started a Computer Science course at university, Matthew quickly discovered it was the web design side of the study that he enjoyed most. After completing his degree and working in a previous web dev role, Matthew joined the Platform81 team in December 2020 as a Junior Web Developer.

Although Matthew’s commute into work is around two hours long, it’s actually one of his favourite things about his every day, as it allows him to pick up some food and have some general chill time before he gets stuck into coding. As much as he enjoys starting new projects and building up from a blank slate, Matthew also says there’s no feeling quite like stepping back at the end of a completed web project and seeing that all his hard work has come to life.

“The three most important things you need to succeed as a web developer are: patience, a good eye for details and a positive outlook on whatever you’re asked to make.”


Our newest recruit Sam joined the team in March after first interning at a local marketing company following a Web Development Course. Since his early teens, Sam has always known he wanted to work in web development / design as learning HTML in computer classes at school was always his favourite thing to do. Now, Sam enjoys the styling elements of the role as it’s a skill he’s keen to continue to improve on.

Although he hasn’t spent too much time in the office (thanks, lockdown 3.0) Sam is excited to get into work and meet the rest of the wider team in person – and not just virtually!

“Be willing to adapt and learn new methods as a Web Developer – oh and have a second monitor too!”

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