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Meet The Team

Meet the Platform81 Team - Ryan


This month we’re introducing you to the people & personalities that make up Platform81.

Up today: Platform81 Graphic Designer, Ryan Curtis….

  • Known as: Rhino
  • Age: 31
  • Lives: Bromsgrove
  • Office: Bromsgrove
  • Loves: Football
  • Hates: Slow drivers

How long have you been working for Platform81? Since May 2014.

What’s the name of the first single you ever bought? “It’s Like That” Run-DMC.

Favourite food? Hot Curry. 

Describe your perfect night out Lots of alcohol and a laugh.

Dream date? Megan Fox. 

What’s your party trick? I can burp on demand…

What would your dream holiday be? A cruise around the world, chilling.

Finally, what’s your guilty pleasure? X Factor!