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Thursday May 9th

The Impact of AI on SEO Strategies

by platform81   |   May 9, 2024   | 
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The Impact of AI on SEO

The crossover of AI and SEO has become a hotly debated topic. With search engine algorithms becoming increasingly sophisticated, discussions of utilising AI-generated content for SEO and the impact it may have. These discussions have become especially prominent since Google’s Core Update and its commitment to providing users with relevant results whilst eliminating spam.

In this blog, we explore the transformative impact of AI on SEO and what the future holds for content strategy and optimisation.

Google Search - Impact of AI on SEO Rankings

Is SEO Changing with AI?

The short answer is yes. As AI continues to evolve, so will the algorithms that govern search engine rankings. Alongside AI-generated content, search engines are developing their own AI-driven SEO tools. Companies like Google have developed their own AI tools, that interpret searches effectively to provide more personalised and relevant results. If this becomes the industry standard, SEO strategies will need to be reworked. These tools may eliminate the need for users to click through to webpages with the required information appearing at the top of the search results.

How AI Can Improve Your SEO

Not every AI development is a cause for concern, however. One benefit of AI-powered tools for SEO is that the tools can process vast amounts of data at speed. These tools will enable more accurate keyword research, content optimisation, and link-building strategies. AI tools can also identify and fix technical issues, such as broken links and duplicate content. This can ensure a seamless user experience that search engines favour. The thing to remember is authenticity and value to the user. If the content replicates other content, search rankings will be negatively affected and deemed as spam.

How Will Generative AI Affect SEO?

Generative AI, which includes technologies like ChatGPT, could transform content creation in SEO, but it does present challenges. While AI-generated content can be a valuable asset for scaling content production, it also raises questions about originality and quality. Google is becoming increasingly adept at detecting AI-generated content and may penalise websites that rely too heavily on automated content. Despite this, generative AI tools can be used as a reference point to begin developing content. The technology can review errors and generate ideas for inspiration. However, maintaining an authentic voice whilst providing value to the user should remain the priority for a successful SEO strategy. There must be a balance of AI and human creativity to produce SEO-friendly content that engages users.

Generative AI Tool


The impact of AI on SEO rankings is undeniable. From improving keyword research and content optimisation to enhancing user experience and site performance, AI can transform the future of SEO. Businesses can capitalise on the benefits of AI by maintaining a balance between automation and human creativity.

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